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        Fluvial Geomorphology & Hydrology


Biotechnical Land Stabilization

    Slope Stabilization & Restoration


        Highly Steepened Reinforced Slopes

Watershed Management

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Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc.

specializes in soil bioengineering and biotechnical land stabilization, providing services for a wide range of watershed conditions.

Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc.

pioneered, continues to develop and leads the field of soil bioengineering in North America. We assemble experienced teams committed to quality service; design and management, providing practical and cost effective, quick turn around solutions to land and water problems using site-specific criteria and available project resources.

Our interdisciplinary teams and strategic alliance partnerships nationally and internationally are equipped to quickly assemble , assess and prepare practical stabilization and restoration solutions, offering Clients specific expertise in the repair of damaged lands and waters covering a wide range of activities including:

Anthropogenic Impacts:

  • Watershed Alteration

    • Urbanization, agriculture, recreation, transportation, forestry, military and mining;

  • Slope Alteration

    • Landslide scars, fire damage, severe erosion and debris flow.

Soil bioengineering technology offers solutions for the prevention, protection and repair of slope, stream/riverbank and shorelines. Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc. emphasises the integration of mechanical and ecological stability for erosion, geotechnical failure and flood control, aesthetic and aquatic, riparian and upland habitat enhancement and water, air, and noise quality improvement. Structurally, soil bioengineering enhances mechanical and hydraulic stability. Ecologically it sets in place a foundation for nature to recover rapidly. This comprehensive approach we have developed restores system functions, ecologically; optimising upland slope, riparian, aquatic and wetland habitat foundation recovery and long term sustainable protection.

"Soil bioengineering as an integrated technology based on sound engineering practice and ecological principles is a distinctively different practical and fresh approach to watershed management". Sotir 2007

"Soil bioengineering goes beyond viewing land and water resources as merely connected structures and further views them as systems with integrated functions". Sotir 2006

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