Case Study: Little Sugar Creek

Location: Charlotte, NC
Client: Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services
Objectives: Accommodate flooding, stabilize banks, enhance habitat and improve aesthetics and recreational values in Huntingtowne Park.

  • 4,600 feet of stream length (9,200 bank feet)
  • Bank heights ranged between 8 and 15 feet
  • Vertically eroded streambanks along previous construction fill
  • Bank failures and land losses resulted in vertical sections near a sewer line
  • Located along a linear park and several residential neighborhoods
  • Damaged riparian and aquatic habitat
  • Loss of valuable recreational benefits
  • Degraded water quality

Nature of Firm's Resonsibility

  • Geomorphic analysis
  • Site assessment (physical and environmental)
  • Establish aquatic and riparian habitat opportunities
  • Stabilize the banks
  • Improve recreational opportunities
  • Minimize bank loss
  • Permit assistance
  • Plans and specifications
  • Prebid and preconstruction training
  • On site construction observation
  • Evaluation and monitoring

Little Sugar Creek, adjoining Huntington Farms Park in Charlotte, NC, was experiencing moderate to severe s lumping and bank erosion. The bank failures and land losses had resulted in vertical sections which had become too close to a major sewer line, mature trees atop the bank, and a well-used informal walking trail. Public safety, loss o f park lands and aesthetics were major concerns. Another result of the erosion was the detrimental effects to the aquatic and riparian habitat along Little Sugar Creek. The neighborhood's input regarding recreational use were important multi-objective goals in the restoration process and were incorporated into the design. Ogden served as the hydrolic engineers on this project. The goals of flood control, bank stabilization, habitat enhancement and improved aesthetics were met on this urban stream project.

Partnering with the Client and Citizens, Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc. was able to produce a successful project.
The project was completed in 1997. Four months after installation, Little Sugar Creek received a flood of record that exceeded the 100-year event with no damage to the banks.

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